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Tired of LED soft lights that either have really bad color rendition or are mechanically inadequate for professional use, I was excited when Kinoflo started making LED fixtures. The company waited for quite some time, but it seems to have paid off: The Celeb series is the best small/medium soft LED lighting solution.

The fixtures are robust, very easy to use, and well thought out. Color temperature and dimming adjustments are very precise and displayed. DMX functionality is there as well.

One of the best features of the Celeb series is a real soft light as opposed to the common “multi source” issue that many competitors have. The Celebs may have a bit less of a throw, but I much more prefer a real soft light; and if I need “throw” I use a different instrument.

I found the color rendition excellent especially compared to the competition, although it’s a bit on the magenta side that matches other Kinoflo products. The kits come with gel holder and egg crates for control. Ballast is multi-voltage and built-in with DMX.

Downsides: Expect the Celeb lights to be a bit heavier than other lights (the Kinos don’t have noisy fans and LEDs need cooling). For the future, I’d be very happy to see +/- green adjustment.

The Celeb series is pricey, but worth the investment.


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