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I do a lot of documentary work and have always relied on the “classic” DLH4 Dedolights mostly for “interview” background accent lighting/architectural lighting or special applications like pack shots etc. The DLH4s get quite hot and due to their limited output it was always been a bad idea to gel a 150W light with full CTB (essentially cut more than 2/3 of it’s output). Also: The single ballast of DLH4 150W light comes only either in 110V or 220V. No good for international travel.  The old multi-voltage 3-channel AC ballast is heavy and bulky.

So I was very interested when Dedolight announced its foray into LED lighting. The DLED4.1 series fixtures are a bit heavier, but of similar size compared to the “classic” tungsten lights. The AC ballasts are multi-voltage capable – there are DC ballasts as well. Dedolight makes tungsten/daylight and “bi-color” models. The 3200K output of the LEDs is a bit less than the tungsten/halogen DLH4s. The LEDs have a bit less of max beam spread, but a bit more punch when spotted. Color rendition is very good, although I found a slight mismatch between the true daylight/tungsten models and the bi-color model. Unfortunately the dimming and color temperature controls don’t have displays. Also: The bi-color model does not work properly with any optical adapters.

One thing I’d like to point out is Dedolight’s fantastic customer service. It’s a small company but seems to care about each individual customer.§ion=0


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